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Epoxy Flooring

A new, colorful, shiny epoxy floor coating that will have you and your car feeling like you’re driving into a showroom every time you come home! Epoxy not only tops off the pro look in your garage but also resists oil stains, beads water, and wipes clean like a kitchen counter. Color chips and custom paint colors hide annoying imperfections in the concrete, and antiskid additives give you the grip you need.

Long Lasting Epoxy Floors

BRP Construction Services has years of experience in Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings. We use a special machine (Shot Blaster or Bead Blaster) to prepare your garage floor before applying the Epoxy Coating. This machine makes it so that the surface is more porous. With a more porous, or textured surface, Epoxy will adhere properly and for a long time. Without the proper preparation, Epoxy and other coatings are at risk of hot tire pickup and other damage. BRP Construction Services is your go to contractor for your next Epoxy Coating project and rest assured knowing that your bright, shiny, new epoxy floor will last!

Commercial Epoxy Floors

BRP Construction Services does not stop at Residential Properties with our Epoxy Coatings. We also have extensive experience serving large commercial facilities. If you are a commercial building owner that is looking for a new epoxy floor, do not hesitate to call the trustworthy and efficient contractors at BRP Construction Services!


We received a quote from BRP at a very reasonable price to paint our newly built home. Our two story foyer and hallways leading to bedrooms and kitchen, office, kitchen, family room, dining room, master bedroom w/sitting room, and master bathroom were all custom painted to colors (8 total) that we had picked out from the dupont color fan. Needless to say this was not an easy job.  Plastic was laid down everywhere in all the affected areas. A lot of care was taken in making sure all flooring, appliances, counter tops, etc. were left unscathed. BRP finished the job in only 2 days and we couldn't be happier with the results. Top notch job all around. We would highly recommend.

-Suzy and Karl

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